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A tower and a garden: Shaw and Chausson

The Calidore String Quartet play Shaw and Chausson's Concert for Piano, Violin and String Quartet with guests pianist Zee Zee and violinist Jennifer Pike at St. Marys' Tetbury.

Recorded in March at St. Marys' Tetbury in Gloucestershire, the Calidore String Quartet conclude their curated series of concerts with a work by a composer with whom they enjoy a close association, the Pulitzer prize-winning young American, Caroline Shaw. The Quartet are then joined by two more former Radio 3 New Generation Artists, pianist Zee Zee and violinist Jennifer Pike, for a performance of Ernest Chausson's Concert for Piano, Violin and String Quartet. The recital forms part of a Radio 3 Big Chamber Weekend, held in association with Tetbury Music Festival.

Introduced by Fiona Talkington

Caroline Shaw: First Essay "Nimrod"
Ernest Chausson: Concert for piano, violin and string quartet, Op.21

The Calidore String Quartet present the first panel of a triptych by the young American composer Caroline Shaw. Written especially for the "wonderfully thoughtful" quartet, the genesis of Shaw's First Essay, "Nimrod" comes from the story of the biblical figure who constructed the giant tower of Babel, a tower tall enough to reach heaven, but which resulted in a chaos of languages. That's followed by a work from one of the late nineteenth century's great romantics, Ernest Chausson. His demanding and unusually scored Concert for Piano, Violin and String Quartet, is perhaps best known through its second movement, a Sicilienne, which was aptly described by a contemporary as being like “the gardens where bloom the charming fancies of a Gabriel Fauré.”

57 minutes

Music Played

  • Caroline Shaw

    First Essay: Nimrod for string quartet

    Ensemble: Calidore String Quartet.
  • Ernest Chausson

    Concert in D major for violin, piano and string quartet, Op 21

    Performer: Jennifer Pike. Performer: Zee Zee. Ensemble: Calidore String Quartet.


  • Fri 19 Apr 2019 13:00

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