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Systems Align

Elizabeth Alker is back with a third series of Unclassified and a host of genre-exploding new music for curious and courageous ears, hearts and minds.

Unclassified returns for a third series with a soothing soundtrack for the end of Sunday and a blissful bundle of brand new sonic treats to see us into the middle of the night, setting us up for a new week.

Unclassified is for curious ears and composers who want to nudge their audience into strange and serene new sound worlds.

This edition features an exclusive first play of music from the forthcoming album 'Orange' by Pullitzer Prize winning composer Caroline Shaw. Orange is a collaboration with the Attacca Quartet which Shaw describes as having colours that are "vivid and familiar" and the shapes which "follow a pattern that you seem to know until you don’t". It comes out April 19th.

American composer and guitarist Sarah Louise takes us to the hills of North Carolina with her contemporary take on the American primitive guitar style, which sounds both rootsy and otherworldly. Caroline Eyck marries the bonkers sound of the theremin with the brilliant strings of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble and the British producer Raven works with the limitations of analogue technology to create a sound for the dance floors of now.

Also, an unlikely but joyful collaboration from one of the biggest names in UK Techno, Joy Orbison, with composer, improvisor and saxophonist Ben Vince sounds perfect alongside new music from Nils Frahm.

Unclassified runs for six weeks and then returns later in 2019 in a new, regular slot on Thursday evenings.

23 days left to listen

1 hour

Last on

Last Sunday 23:00

Music Played

  • Sebastian Plano


    Performer: Sebastian Plano.
    • Verve.
    • Mercury KX.
    • 10.
  • Caroline Shaw

    Plan & Elevation III: The herbaceous border

    Ensemble: Attacca Quartet.
    • Orange.
    • Nonesuch Records.
    • 5.
  • Caroline Shaw

    Plan & Elevation V: The beech tree

    Ensemble: Attacca Quartet.
    • Orange.
    • Nonesuch Records.
    • 7.
  • Sarah Louise

    Ancient Intelligence

    Performer: Sarah Louise.
    • Nighttime birds and Morning stars.
    • Thrill Jockey.
    • 3.
  • Carolina Eyck

    Leyohmi (Luminescence)

    Performer: Carolina Eyck. Ensemble: American Contemporary Music Ensemble.
    • Butterscotch Records.
  • Raven


    Performer: Raven.
    • PRAH Recordings.
  • Sylvain Texier


    Performer: Sylvain Texier.
    • Refuge.
    • Pitchfork.
    • 2.
  • Liz Harris

    After its own death

    Performer: Nivhek.
    • Yellow Electric.
  • Joy Orbison

    Systems Align

    Composer: Ben Vince. Performer: Joy Orbison. Performer: Ben Vince.
    • Hessle Audio.
  • HVAD

    Zhao Hua

    Composer: Pan Daijing. Performer: HVAD. Performer: Pan Daijing.
    • Pan Records.
  • Nils Frahm

    A walking embrace

    Performer: Nils Frahm.
    • Encores 2.
    • Erased Tapes.
    • 2.


What is unclassified music?

What is unclassified music?

Elizabeth Alker introduces five of her favourite 'unclassifiable' pieces of music.