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Wild Rose, Mary Quant, Intra Muros, The Parisian - Isabella Hammad, Life After Lock-Up and Back To Life

Jessie Buckley in Wild Rose, Mary Quant exhibition at London's V&A, Intra Muros at London's Park Theatre, The Parisian - Isabella Hammad, on TV: Life After Lock-Up and Back To Life

In her new film Wild Rose, rising star Jessie Buckley plays a Glaswegian country singer with dreams of making it big in Nashville. The trouble is that she has two small kids and is just out of jail.
The Mary Quant exhibition at London's V&A shows a wide selection of her vibrant daring designs, made to be worn by real women and girls in the 60s and 70s
A new play by one of France's brightest new names has just opened at London's Park Theatre; Intra Muros by Alexis Michalik is set in a drama workshop in a prison
The Parisian is a novel by Isabella Hammad, set in pre-Balfour Middle East. It has received a lot of extremely warm praise from other authors, what will our panel make of it?
We look at a couple of TV programmes coming at the same subject from different angles Life After Lock-Up, a documentary on Channel 4 about prisoners returning to society and Back To Life, a dramedy on BBC1 with Daisy Haggard

Tom Sutcliffe is joined by Patrick Gale, Ayesha Hazerika and Catherine o'Flynn. The producer is Oliver Jones

Podcast Extra selections

Ayesha: Fleabag and The Breakup Monologues podcast
Catherine: 1970s Public Service information films, and especially "Apaches"
Patrick: BP Portrait of the Year exhibition in Winchester and Kate Clanchy- Some Kids I Taught
Tom: David Sedaris on Radio 4. Barry on Sky Atlantic

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