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Tom finds himself in trouble and Fallon makes her feelings known

Shula apologises for embarrassing Jakob at church yesterday with an inappropriate comment, but Jakob is unfazed. Chris is happy that Jakob will now be working in Ambridge; the two have known each other since Jakob gave a talk at the Borsetshire Farriers Group. Freddie helps out at the Stables. He tells Shula that he’s still not had any luck finding a job and he’s reluctant to ask his mum for one. Shula offers him work but he says it would look better if it was with someone outside the family.

The pressure of moving house gets to Tom and Natasha, and on top of that Tom’s got to cope with the pigs single-handedly since Jazzer walked out. Tom and Natasha discuss Jazzer’s decision to quit. Tom feels terrible but Natasha reminds him it was Jazzer’s decision to leave. Later, Natasha bumps into Fallon in Bridge Farm yard and is taken aback when Fallon lays into her over her and Tom’s treatment of Jazzer. Natasha tells Tom that she feels unsupported as he didn’t back her up yet again. She heads back off to the flat, leaving Tom to visit his family alone.

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