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Sydney Brenner, Dan Robbins, Edda Tasiemka, Ian McDonald

Matthew Bannister on molecular biologist Sydney Brenner, artist Dan Robbins, archivist Edda Tasiemka and Ministry of Defence spokesman Ian McDonald.

Pictured: Sydney Brenner

Matthew Bannister on

Sydney Brenner, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist who worked with Francis Crick to map DNA.

Dan Robbins, the artist who invented painting by numbers.

Edda Tasiemka, the archivist who kept a comprehensive newspaper and magazine cuttings collection in her North London home.

Ian McDonald, the Ministry of Defence spokesman during the Falklands War who became a familiar face on TV and was known for his sonorous delivery.

Interviewed guest: Professor Jonathan Hodgkin
Interviewed guest: Larry Robbins
Interviewed guest: Robert Lacey
Interviewed guest: Ian Mather
Interviewed guest: Revel Barker
Producer: Paula McGinley

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28 minutes

Sydney Brenner

Born 13 January 1927; died 5 April 2019, aged 92.

Last Word spoke to his former colleague Professor Jonathan Hodgkin, Emeritus Professor of Genetics at the University of Oxford. 

Ian McDonald

Born 29 March 1936; died 28 March 2019, aged 82.

Last Word spoke to Ian Mather, former defence correspondent for the Observer, and Revel Barker, former defence correspondent for the Sunday Mirror.

Edda Tasiemka

Born 5 August 1922; died 30 March 2019, aged 96.

Last Word spoke to Robert Lacey, historian and writer.

Dan Robbins

Born 26 May 1925; died 1 April 2019, aged 93.

Last Word spoke to his son Larry Robbins.