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The rogues transform into their new wrestling personas as the mentors step up the pace inside the ring. And fan favourite Grado helps the rogues become their character.

In this episode, the remaining rogue recruits are given their wrestling characters, and take part in a challenge set by wrestling star Grado to help them transform into these personas. But charisma and personality are only part of what it takes to become a top wrestler, and fellow mentors Lionheart and Jack Jester ramp up the training to really push the rogue recruits to their physical limit.

For street fighter Lil Scoop from Cameroon, performing in front of the public comes naturally. But despite being the fittest of the rogues, he’s struggling with the wrestling basics and is in danger of seriously injuring himself.

The only female rogue, Marguerita from Milton, has shown she can perform in front of the public, but continues to doubt her ability in the ring.

Single dad Jordan embraces his new persona and continues to impress the mentors with his ability and determination. But he’s hiding a secret which he can’t keep any longer.

Darren’s ability inside the ring continues to impress the mentors, whilst bad boy Matthew and underdog Pit Bull Paul struggle physically and emotionally as the competition heats up.

59 minutes


Role Contributor
Series Producer Jennifer Gilroy
Director Drew Ferguson
Director David MacCormack
Executive Producer Elspeth O'Hare
Production Manager Emily Ricketts