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Asylum and religious conversion; Sam Brownback

Sunday morning religious news and current affairs programme, presented by Edward Stourton

The Home Office says they are investigating after an official used Bible quotes to argue Christianity is not a peaceful religion in a bid to refuse an Iranian convert asylum. Was this a rogue incident or is it part of a wider pattern?

Sam Brownback is the US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. He speaks to us about China, Pakistan and Asia Bibi.

And in India violence against Dalits, or those who are the lowest caste, persist. Rahul Joglekar visits one Dalit artist in Mumbai who is trying to change perceptions with a designer range of leather goods.

Producers: Harry Farley and Peter Everett
Editor: Amanda Hancox

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  • Sun 24 Mar 2019 07:10

All the colours of the rainbow

All the colours of the rainbow

The Covid-19 rainbows painted by children today are part of a rich and ancient symbolism.