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Deja vu all over again with Max Reinhardt

Songs to evoke memory experiences, such as deja vu, jamais vu, presque vu, and more. Meg Duffy explores genetic memory, while George Harrison brings cryptomnesia to the mainstream.

Late Junction is back for another week of memorable programmes, and the song selections tonight all evoke mysterious, magical memory experiences and sensations: déjà vu, jamais vu, presque vu, and more …

Experience new songs you’ll swear you’ve heard before. Expect intuitive reversions, reworks, and remixes. Explore the famous case of George Harrison’s cryptomnesia. Expose yourself to the power of genetic memory through the music of Timothy Leary and Hand Habits (a.k.a. Meg Duffy).

Produced by Jack Howson.
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

  • George Harrison

    Within You Without You

    Ensemble: Onyx Collective.
    • A Day In The Life: Impressions Of Pepper.
    • Impulse!.
  • George Harrison

    My Sweet Lord

    Performer: Billy Preston.
    • Encouraging Words.
    • Apple Records.
  • Laurie Anderson

    The Beginning of Memory

    • Homeland.
    • Nonesuch.
  • John Zorn & Fred Frith

    The Chain

    • The Art Of Memory.
    • Incus.
  • Hand Habits

    can't calm down

    • placeholder.
    • Saddle Creek.
  • Lars Eric

    Genetic Memory

    Singer: Timothy Leary. Composer: Maryvonne Giercarz. Composer: Richard Bond.
    • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).
    • Performance Records.
  • Nathaniel Babb

    Roll Jordan Roll (Baptist Song)

    • Peter Was a Fisherman: The 1939 Trinidad Field Recordings of Melville and France.
    • Rounder Select.
  • Inna De Yard

    Row Fisherman (feat. Cedric Myton)

    • Inna De Yard.
  • Sarah-Jane Summers


    • Kalopsia.
    • Eighth Nerve Audio.
  • Benedict Drew

    Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out

    • Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out.
    • Foam.
  • Black Lodge

    Jamais Vu

    • Bitter Blood (A Collection of Archival Recordings).
    • Disciples.
  • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra

    Jamais Vu (feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto)

    • Into Forever.
    • Gondwana Records.
  • Paolo Angeli


    • 22​.​22 Free Radiohead.
    • AnMa.
  • Mercury Rev

    Courtyard (feat. Beth Orton)

    • Bobbie Gentry's The Delta Sweete Revisited.
    • Bella Union.
  • Raymond Yiu


    Performer: Iain Burnside. Singer: Andrew Watts.
    • A Countertenor Songbook.
    • NMC Recordings.
  • Black Flag

    Spray Paint

    • Damaged.
    • SST Records/Unicorn Records.
  • Dirty Projectors

    Spray Paint (The Walls)

    • Rise Above.
    • Rough Trade.
  • Åke Hodell

    The Voyage To Labrador

    • Verbal Brainwash And Other Works.
    • Fylkingen Records.
  • Pavement

    Nothing Ever Happens

    • Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe.
    • Matador.
  • Deerhunter

    Nothing Ever Happened

    • Microcastle / Weird Era Continued.
    • Kranky.
  • Bert Jansch

    Rosemary Lane

    • A Man I'd Rather Be (Part II).
    • Earth.
  • Sky And Mirrorbalm In Preparation For Deja Vu & James Ferraro

    Prelude To Diminishing Forms

    • Prelude To Diminishing Forms.
    • New Age Tapes ‎.


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