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Leave Taking

Enid lives in Depford with her two teenage daughters. When she takes them to the local ‘obeah’ woman for some traditional Caribbean soul healing, secrets are spilled.

There’s no turning back for Jamaican born Enid, and her teenage daughters Del and Viv, as they negotiate the frictions between their countries and cultures in The Bush Theatre's stunning revival of this classic, beautifully observed play adapted for Drama on 3.

Enid - Sarah Niles
Del - Seraphina Beh
Viv - Nicholle Cherrie
Broderick - Wil Johnson
Mai - Claire Benedict
Written by Winsome Pinnock
Directed by Madani Younis
Produced by Pauline Harris, BBC Drama North

25 days left to listen

1 hour, 29 minutes

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Sunday 19:30


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