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Michel Portal

In the first of two programmes focussing on the contemporary French Jazz Scene, Soweto Kinch presents a concert by clarinettist Michel Portal, with Bojan Z, piano; Nils Wogram, trombone; Bruno Chevillon, bass and Lander Gyselinck, drums.

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Mon 11 Mar 2019 23:00

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  • The Michel Portal Quintet

    No Hay

  • The Michel Portal Quintet

    Full Half-Moon

  • Michel Portal

    Split The Difference

  • The Michel Portal Quintet

    African Wind

  • The Michel Portal Quintet

    Mino Miro

  • The Michel Portal Quintet

    Cuba Si Cuba No

  • The Michel Portal Quintet


  • The Michel Portal Quintet


  • Francois Courneloup Quintet Revolut!on




Artist              Soweto Kinch

Title                The Healing

Composer     Kinch

Album            The Legend of Mike Smith

Label              Soweto Kinch Recordings

Number        SKP003 CD 2 Track 39

Duration       13”

Performers: Soweto Kinch, as, rhodes, prog; Shabaka Hutchings, ts; Karl

Rasheed-Abel, b; Graham Godfrey, d. . 2015           


French clarinettist Michel Portal and his Quintet…. 

Clip – Michel Portal – Mino Miro – 38”

Michel Portal Quintet recorded at the 2018 Jazzdor Festival in Berlin

No Hay – 10’03”

Full Half-Moon – 11’27”

Split The Difference – 9’48”

African Wind – 7’40”

Mino Miro – 9’59”

Cuba Si Cuba No – 11’58”

Soweto – 12’53”

Tadorna – 6’19”

Personnel: Michel Portal, cl; Nils Wogram, tbn; Bojan Z, p; Bruno Chevillon, db; Lander Gyselinck, d.

Clip from the Francois Corneloup Quintet – REVOLUT!ON also recorded at the Jazzdor Festival in Berlin

Francois Corneloup Quintet (Corneloup) – Vertigo – 3’44”


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Meet the presenters

Meet the presenters

Soweto Kinch, Emma Smith and Al Ryan.