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The Wilsons resume their efforts to live their best ethical life with all the challenges that modern living throws at them. Stars Marcus Brigstocke and Kerry Godliman

The Wilsons family enjoy nothing more than a good protest march, joining with other like minds and sticking it to ‘the man’. Today is one they are particularly looking forward to and each of them has a different agenda. Cat has a special provocative costume and issue to highlight; Lola has a complex banner but a simple hope that all voices will unify; Max wants the family to stick together and have a great day out and Mike, well he will persist wearing that excruciating jester hat with bells on. Some tensions seemingly dealt with they are then in the thick of a march in Central London and find unity more difficult than ever to achieve.

Mike…Marcus Brigstocke
Max…Kerry Godliman
Cat..Mia Jenkins
Lola…India Brown
Jennifer...Vicki Pepperdine
Phillip…Rupert Vansittart
Various roles...Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Writers...Marcus Brigstocke and Sarah Morgan
Producer...Julia McKenzie
A BBC Studios production

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28 minutes


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