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Charlotte Smith is on a farm in Wolverhampton, where saving the soil is the farmer's priority.

Tim Parton is a farmer on a mission - a mission to save his soil.

The Committee on Climate Change found the UK has lost 84% of its fertile topsoil since 1850, and a study from Cranfield University found the annual cost of soil degradation across England and Wales is over a billion pounds.

So what can be done to reverse the damage?

Charlotte Smith visits Tim's farm near Wolverhampton to find out what he's been doing to improve his soil health. From growing cover crops to protect his soil from erosion and act as a green brewing up his own bacterial and fungal soil sprays!

We also hear about a peat restoration project in Yorkshire, go worm hunting in Gloucestershire and look ahead to a future where soil health is rewarded with "public money for public good".

Presented by Charlotte Smith
Produced by Heather Simons

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25 minutes