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You Can’t Do That Anymore

The Wilsons resume their efforts to live their best ethical life with all the challenges that modern living throws at them. Stars Marcus Brigstocke and Kerry Godliman

Mike Wilson has some key loves in his life – his sourdough starter, his wife and children (obviously), but also the cult rock group of his formative years - The Smiths. Jangly and heartfelt it’s perfect music for the tortured soul; albeit one with a comfortable and privileged life. Until that is, Cat comes crashing in with her questions. Are some of Morrissey’s more recent statements problematic and if so, can we separate the arts from the artist? What else can’t we enjoy anymore? A rummage through his parent’s attic suggests LOTS, it turns out. Mike’s dilemma contorts him with anxiety as the family pick their way through this new minefield. Can we ‘offset’ liking problematic things?

Mike…Marcus Brigstocke
Max…Kerry Godliman
Cat..Mia Jenkins
Lola…India Brown
Jennifer...Vicki Pepperdine
Phillip…Rupert Vansittart
Writers...Marcus Brigstocke and Sarah Morgan
Producer...Julia McKenzie
A BBC Studios production

18 days left to listen

28 minutes


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