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By People Like Us

Musician and broadcaster Vicki Bennett a.k.a. People Like Us compiles a playlist of her favourite artists working with collage, cuts ups and plunderphonics.

Musician and broadcaster Vicki Bennett is a presenter on the American independent radio station for outsider music WFMU, she also makes audio-visual collages using found footage to give a dark witty view on popular culture under the moniker People Like Us.

In this playlist she shares her favourite experimental artists working with cut ups and collage, overlaying existing songs in ingenious ways to create something entirely new. Featuring tracks by Stock Hausen and Walkman, Ergo Phizmiz, Matmos and many, many more!

1 hour

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Sun 24 Feb 2019 00:00

Music Played

  • People Like Us

    Do You See What I Hear

    • The Mirror.
    • Cutting Hedge.
  • Dave Soldier & Komar & Melamid

    The Most Unwanted Song

    • The People's Choice: Music.
    • Mulatta Records.
  • Gwilly Edmondez

    Gwilly Sings Chart Sweep

  • Inhuman League

    You Were Workin' As A Waitress In A Cocktail Bar

    Remix Artist: Swantana.
    • Svantana remixes 1997- Now.
  • Buttress O'Kneel

    Welcome To Golden Heaven (As You Are)

    • Megamegamix.
  • ToToM

    Lay Bittersweet Lady

    • Dylan Mashed (2014 re-issue).
  • Thomas Dimuzio

    Yawriats Ot Nevaeh

    • Single.
  • Porest

    Abject Mirror

    • Single.
  • Nihilist Spasm Band

    It's Not My Fault

    • Every Monday Night.
    • Alchemy Records.
  • Dean Hurley

    Electricity II

  • Paul Giovanni

    The Wicker Man (Main Title)

    • The Wicker Man.
    • Trunk Records.
  • Matmos


    • The Civil War.
    • Matador.
  • Arseny Avraamov

    Symphony of Sirens (Public Event, Baku,1922)

    • Baku: Symphony Of Sirens. (Sound Experiments In TheRussian Avant Garde - CD).
    • Recommended Records.
  • Buttress O'Kneel

    A Devil Put Aside For

  • Leif Inge

    9 Beet Stretch: Movement II, Part III

  • Porest

    Passport Please

    • Modern Journal of Popular Savagery.
    • Nashazphone.
  • Ergo Phizmiz

    A Young Lady and Her Cat Have a Quiet Night In (Board Game Intermezzo)

    • Single.
    • Self Released.
  • Stock, Hausen & Walkman

    Giving Up

    • Giving Up.
    • Hot Air.
  • Hearty White

    Hearty White: The Mirror

    • The Mirror.
  • People Like Us

    The Other Side

    • The Mirror.
  • Christo Graham

    Heaven On Their Minds (feat. Gonzo & the Chickens)

    • Muppet Christ Superstar.
  • RIAA

    The Joy of Noise

    • Dirt Bacharach.
    • Self Released.


  • Sun 24 Feb 2019 00:00