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Antonia Quirke concludes the series with a look at the work of the foley artists who provide so much of the sound of the big screen.

If a foley artist does their job well, you’ll never notice them while you’re watching a movie. They are the people who add the sound of everything from footsteps and rattling jewellery to jail cells being slammed shut and guns being loaded once the filming’s over. And it’s not just viewers who don’t realise that such sounds are in fact created later on, as Antonia Quirke discovers in this final part of ‘Cast and Crew’ - sometimes even actors don’t know that the footsteps they hear in the final movie aren’t their own. She visits ace foley artist Ruth Sullivan in a dedicated foley studio and watches on as Ruth records the sounds of a football match using a boxing glove and some mint leaves. We hear from one of the masters of foley - Walter Murch - about his work on The Godfather, and Antonia meets Barnaby Smyth, who recently donned his ballet shoes to create the sounds for the forthcoming biopic about Rudolf Nureyev, ‘The White Crow’.

Producer Geoff Bird

Available now

28 minutes