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Osman Yousefzada meets Haroon Mirza

Fashion designer Osman Yousefzada meets artist Haroon Mirza.

Osman Yousafzada was born in Birmingham, where his mother ran a dress-making business. He studied anthropology before turning to fashion, and he launched his own womenswear label in 2008. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift have all worn his designs. Last year he staged his first solo art exhibition, Being Somewhere Else, at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.

Haroon Mirza was born in London and was obsessed by audio technology from an early age. He has exhibited his work widely around the UK and overseas. His installations have often mixed old-fashioned radios, TVs and gramophones with film loops, light and sound to explore sensory perception.

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