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Programme 8, 2019

Tom Sutcliffe chairs the fiendish quiz, this week featuring the teams from Northern Ireland and Scotland. Paddy Duffy and Freya McClements take on Val McDermid and Alan McCredie.

This week's contest sees the Northern Ireland team of Paddy Duffy and Freya McClements taking on Val McDermid and Alan McCredie of Scotland, in their second clash of the current series. Tom Sutcliffe supplies the ingenious teasers, including:

What might be alarming about Jenna Coleman Down Under, Edvard's figure at sunset, a Katy Perry million-seller and a Bohemian engraver of views of London?

The panel will need to dig deep into their memory banks for obscure details about history, music, literature and popular culture. The more clues from the chair the panel need in solving the questions, the more points they'll lose. And how will they fare with the teasers suggested by RBQ listeners rather than by the regular question setters?

Producer: Paul Bajoria

28 minutes

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Sat 23 Feb 2019 23:00

Last week's teaser question

Tom asked: Which computer programming language might be common to the body that regulates drug misuse in sport, a prominent school of acting and a subversive art movement of the 20th century?

The drug regulation body is the World Anti-Doping Authority, or WADA as it is often known. The school of acting is the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, or RADA. And it's not a huge mental leap to conclude that the art movement we need is therefore Dada. Common to all of them are the letters ADA, which is a programming language named after the 19th century computer pioneer Ada Lovelace.

The 2019 RBQ League Table

The rankings in the 2019 series going into today's contest are as follows:


1  North of England   Played 3  Won 2  Drawn 0  Lost 1  Total points 51

2  Midlands  P2  W2  D0  L0  Pts 36

3  Wales  P3  W1  D0  L1  Pts 55

4  South of England  P2  W1  D0  L1  Pts 38

5  Northern Ireland  P2  W1  D0  L1  Pts 37

6  Scotland  P2  W0  D0  L2  Pts 32

Questions in today's programme

Q1  What might be alarming about Jenna Coleman Down Under, Edvard's figure at sunset, a Katy Perry million-seller and a Bohemian engraver of views of London?

Q2  Why could the second novels of Stephen Fry and Lawrence Norfolk, and the final collection of stories by Raymond Carver, be suitable reading for the thick-skinned?

Q3  Music: How could you determine the truth of the first three by means of the fourth?

Q4  You'll find me on the top line along with an about-turn, the protagonist of an erotic novel and a rapper. But we have six more celebrated neighbours. Can you explain?

Q5  The 36th American President is dismissed under Law 36, and the event is covered by a British commercial radio station. How does the President measure his weight?

Q6 (from Andrew Williams and Alan Johnson)  Music: Why does the connection between these pieces bring about a sinking feeling? And which explorer could help you get there?

Q7  A clergyman from Devon, a German tax collector, a Stuart king and Bernard of Menthon are going out for a walk. Who are they taking with them?

Q8 (from Mark Taylor)  Who, musically, is responsible for an ascension, a Texas port, an elevated electrician in the Midwest, and the ultimate 'soggy bottom'?

This week's teaser question

If someone undergoes a medical procedure in Canterbury, someone else is grateful in Taunton, and someone greets a British Prime Minister in York, which room of the house would someone be in in the West end of London?


Don't write to us - there are no prizes - but you can see if your solution matches ours when we reveal it at the beginning of the next broadcast.


  • Mon 18 Feb 2019 15:00
  • Sat 23 Feb 2019 23:00

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