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Understanding conflict

Pennie Latin explores how to better understand the conflict we get into and how pausing and stopping the arguments in our lives can lead us to be a bit happier and healthier.

How many times have you got into a silly argument about the washing up or homework or money worries? We all experience all kinds of niggles during the course of life – at work, home, with extended family or friends – but none of us like arguing and constant conflict can have a big impact on our health and happiness. So what’s the answer? Well it’s all about learning to listen better, empathise, take a long hard look at your own behaviour, all the kinds of things which feel pretty much impossible in the thick of the fight! So in this Brainwaves Pennie Latin talks to a range of experts about what we can do to better understand why we get into the conflict we do and how we might practise the art of pausing and stopping the arguments in our lives so we can end up a bit happier and healthier.

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28 minutes


  • Wed 20 Feb 2019 13:30
  • Sun 24 Feb 2019 06:00