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Gordon Banks OBE, Vikki Orvice, David Garman OBE, Mary Oliver, Albert Finney

Matthew Bannister on goalkeeper Gordon Banks, sportswriter Vikki Orvice, inventor David Garman, poet Mary Oliver and actor Albert Finney.

Matthew Bannister on

Gordon Banks, the goalkeeper in England's 1966 World Cup winning team, who made one of the greatest saves of all time in 1970.

Vikki Orvice, the first woman to work as a football writer on a national tabloid newspaper.

David Garman, the inventor of the portable bath lift and many other devices to help people with disabilities.

Mary Oliver, the American poet known for her works about animals and the natural world.

The acclaimed actor Albert Finney who was nominated for an Oscar five times but never attended the ceremony.

Interviewed guest: Jacqui Oatley
Interviewed guest: Suji Kwock Kim
Interviewed guest: Ruth Franklin
Interviewed guest: Andrew Macphail

Producer: Neil George

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28 minutes

Gordan Banks OBE

Born 30 December 1937; died 12 February 2019, aged 81.

Last Word spoke to Jacqui Oatley, BBC football commentator.

Vikki Orvice

Born 8 November 1962, died 6 February 2019, aged 56.

Last Word spoke to Jacqui Oatley, BBC football commentator.

Albert Finney

Born 9 May 1936; died 7 February 2019, aged 82

Mary Oliver

Born 10 September 1935, died 17 January 2019, aged 83.

Last Word spoke to Suji Kwock Kim – poet and admirer of Oliver’s work, and Ruth Franklin – writer and contributor to The New Yorker.

David Garman OBE

Born 9 May 1922, died 4 January 2019, aged 96.

Last Word spoke to Andrew Macphail, Commercial Director at Mangar International, and to David's son, Rupert Talbot-Garman.


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