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The Berlin Trilogy: Part 2, with Planningtorock

Nemone celebrates the sounds of Berlin, in part 2 of our trilogy with Planningtorock chatting and sharing a mix.

Nemone celebrates the sound of Berlin, in part 2 our trilogy. Musically one of the most essential cities in Europe, especially in the Dance world, we’ll be exploring the city through a series of producers, labels, clubs, and mixes. This week, we’re spending some time with Jam Rostom AKA Planningtorock. Following the release of 4th album ‘Powerhouse’, the Bolton born artist now residing in Berlin will be taking us through her city, her new projects, and will be sharing a guest mix. The new album jumps from being elated and free, to incredibly personal and in places really dark. But there’s an honesty to it all that you rarely see in electronic music. The soul attached to this record runs incredibly deep.

As well as Planningtorock we’ll also be speaking to, and getting mixes from, Anja Schneider, Modeselektor, and Jennifer Cardini, along with the sounds of the likes of Afterlife, Watergate, and BPitch labels. Taking a look at what’s gone before in the city, as well as finding out where the city goes to next.

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