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Emma's attempts to help backfire and Elizabeth struggles to keep up appearances

Jill brings her new friend Leonard to Lower Loxley to meet Elizabeth. Jill’s surprised to find Kenton and Jolene are there too. Leonard is very taken with Lower Loxley, he used to be a chartered surveyor and has lots of questions about the property, including the roof. Jill is concerned by Elizabeth’s unenthusiastic response, she really wants her family to like Leonard. Later, Elizabeth tells Jolene and Kenton that she didn’t have the strength to explain to Jill the truth behind her subdued demeanor. They advise her not to go into detail with Jill until she has had a proper diagnosis.

Mia helps Will out around the house, he thinks they make a good team. Will drops Poppy and Mia off at Grange Farm before heading off to work. Emma thinks it’s odd when Mia declines her offer to go to Drayton Manor Park. When Emma tries again to persuade Mia to come with them Mia get fractious, pointing out that she’s not a little kid and anyway she she’s got too much to do to spend time at a theme park.

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BBC Actionline: Information and Support on Mental health

BBC Actionline: Information and Support on Mental health

Details of organisations offering support to those affected by issues of mental health.

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