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A short reflection and prayer to begin the day with Canon Simon Doogan, Church of Ireland Rector of Ballyholme in Bangor Co Down

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Mon 4 Feb 2019 05:43

Monday 4 February 2019

Good morning.

In my prayers today

are the numerous parishioners who know all about early morning starts

from their sessions of treatment

at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital

or the Macdermott Unit at the Ulster Hospital Dundonald.


The faithful but war-weary Christian man

who insists he’s had enough and is ready to slip away

but can’t let down his specialist who after decades of procedures

always finds a reason to book him in for one more.

The trusting but apprehensive lady with breast cancer who,

facing more chemotherapy,

is less concerned about the wig she has to wear

than what the future will be for her two children under five.

The elderly would-be evangelist who’s still trying to witness

to those ministering to what he bashfully calls

his “old man’s” or prostate cancer

but would prefer attention

for all the other things he says are far more wrong with him.


Each one feels tended to and cared for Deep down they know they are held and cherished by God as His children,

even if at times a direct sense of that divine assurance comes only in waves.

Some are feeling endless fatigue

and some would say their emotions occasionally get the better of them,

but from experience they know: God will sustain them – whatever happens.


Why am I telling you all this?

Because today is  World Cancer Day

and these are some of the people in my world who have cancer

for whom prayer is one of the lifelines.


Hear our prayer, Christ the Healer,

for patients and families, carers and medics, scientists and researchers.

Raise their hope,

as we help raise awareness, raise finance and raise expectation

that advances will continue, year on year. Amen