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Tom is joined in the studio by Jockstrap, and has a guest mix from Steve Spacek

Tom is joined by Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye AKA London band Jockstrap in the studio, and has a guest mix from Steve Spacek.

Tom presents his own unique blend of music, and is joined by Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye AKA London band Jockstrap. These guys are only 20 years old and their debut mini-album 'Love Is The Key To The City' really pricked our ears up when we heard it last year. From singing-in-the-shower samples to lush strings to idiosyncratic, scratchy weirdness and detuned vocals. If it’s not in your collections yet, then why not? Taylor says on meeting Georgia: “I thought she was uber cool. Her coolness was at its highest when she had a raffle at her birthday party. I won an iron.”

We also have a very special mix to play out for you from Beat Spacek AKA Steve Spacek. The Ninja Tune and Eglo Records (Floating Points) stalwart released his second album Natural Sci-Fi December last year which was 13 years in the making. He’s collaborated with the likes of J Dilla and Oddissee, transforms into Beat Spacek for the Ninja Tune label, dances around everything from Broken Beat to Soul to Hip-Hop. To be honest he needs no introduction. But we gave him one anyway.

3 hours

Music Played

  • Broncho

    Big City Boys 2

    • Park In The Van.
  • Delicate Steve

    Selfie Of A Man

    • Anti.
  • Rina Mushonga

    For A Fool

    • PIAS.
  • TOY

    Jolt Awake

    • Tough Love.
  • Lala Lala and WHY

    Siren 042

    • Hardly Art.
  • Julian Lynch


    • Underwater Peoples Records.
  • Elsa Hewitt

    Blood Orange

    • ERH.

    Everything Coagulates

    • Blackest Ever Black.
  • Closet Christ


    • Lumpy Records.
  • Q


    • Lumpy.
  • Sourakata Koite


    • Awesome Tapes From Africa.
  • Fatou Seidi Ghali


    • Sahel Sounds.
  • Mowgan feat.Kaleta

    O Deep O

    • Mow Records.
  • Jay Mitta

    Mpya Singeri

    • Nyege Nyege.
  • Memorial Home

    Pop Fink

    • Rapid Eye Movement.
  • Jockstrap


    • Kaya Kaya.
  • The Lemon Twigs

    Small Victories

  • Jockstrap

    I Want Another Affair

    • Kaya Kaya.
  • Benny Sings

    Not Enough

    • Stones Throw.
  • Knxwledge


    • Bandcamp.
  • Ghost McGrady


    • Yana Records.
  • Black Taffy

    Lantern Flies in Mist

    • Stones Throw.
  • Jio

    But She Fine

    • Quiet Time Tapes.
  • Tara Jane O’Neil


    • Sweet Dreams Press.
  • Joni Void

    Dysfunctional Helper

    • Constellation.
  • Stratis

    Die Kur

    • Dark Entries.
  • StabUdown Productions

    Warm Woods

    • Diagonal Records.
  • Alma Negra

    Kabaré (Bambounou Remix)

    • Alma Negra Records.
  • Skinshape


    • Beating Heart.
  • Blackpocket

    Alayly (Activate Sense)

    • Exit Records.
  • Blackpocket

    In Da Backroom (iOS)

    • Exit Records.
  • Stevspa

    Big Shot (New Jazz iOS)

    • Unreleased.
  • Stevspa

    Round Of Four (New Jazz iOS)

    • Unreleased.
  • Stevspa

    Goes Around (New Jazz iOS)

    • Stamp The Wax - Upcoming.
  • Stevspa

    I Will Take Yu There (iOS)

    • iDubs Unreleased.
  • Kamazi w/Stevspa

    The Next Step (iOS)

    • REUP Unofficial.
  • Stevspa

    Melon Hopeful Dub (iOS)

    • iDubs Unreleased.
  • Stevspa

    Knowledge Dub (iOS)

    • iDubs Unreleased.
  • Natural Sci-Fi Stevspa

    Carnival Nights

    • Eglo Records.
  • Stevspa

    Song Life (iOS)

    • Unreleased Upcoming.
  • Stevspa

    Rawl Aredo (iOS)

    • Unreleased Upcoming.
  • Wayward


    • Silver Bear Recs.
  • Aquatronics


    • Dionysian Mysteries.
  • O'Flynn

    Siberian Goose Down

    • Hundred Flowers.
  • Ellen Allien


    • UFO INC.
  • Hermeth

    Pump Up The Jam

    • Brainwaves.
  • Sonic

    Empty Bar

    • Western Lore.


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