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Film director M Night Shyamalan, DH Lawrence as dramatist, New work by Bridget Riley

M Night Shyamalan discusses his new film, Glass; the work of DH Lawrence as playwright; and a major new work for the National Gallery by abstract painter Bridget Riley.

M. Night Shyamalan discusses his new film, Glass, the third in his comic book trilogy with Unbreakable and Split. It stars Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy. The Sixth Sense director reveals how he storyboards every single shot, how he uses colour to denote character and why it’s so important for him to root his supernatural storylines in the real world.

D. H. Lawrence is famous for his novels - The Rainbow, Sons and Lovers, Women in Love and, notoriously, Lady Chatterley's Lover. His poetry is admired and he is even known as a painter. But he also, early in his career, wrote several plays. They didn't enjoy much success in his lifetime - The Daughter-in-Law, which Richard Eyre hails as his masterpiece, wasn't performed until 1967, but there have been a number of productions in recent years. As an acclaimed staging of The Daughter-in-Law returns to the Arcola Theatre, Samira Ahmed discusses the work of D. H. Lawrence, dramatist, with the play's director Jack Gamble and the Lawrence scholar Dr Catherine Brown.

The abstract painter Bridget Riley has recently completed Messengers, a huge - 30 by 60 feet - work on the walls of the National Gallery's Annenberg Court.
It is inspired by something the young John Constable wrote about clouds, but perhaps also alludes to the numerous angels, themselves harbingers, that appear in the skies of so many of the National Gallery's pictures. Bridget Riley explains how she arrived at the title and the critic Louisa Buck, on the spot, reviews the piece.

Presenter: Samira Ahmend
Producer: Julian May

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28 minutes

M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan
Samuel L Jackson in Glass
Photo credit: Disney/Universal

Glass is on general release,
cert 15

Main image:
M Night Shyamalan
Photo credit: Getty Images

D H Lawrence plays

D H Lawrence plays
Ellie Nunn & Matthew Barker
in The Daughter-in-Law
Photo credit: Idil Sukan

The Daughter-in-Law is at the Arcola Theatre until 10 Feb



Samira Ahmed with Messengers by Bridget Riley, Annenberg Court, The National Gallery 
© 2019 Bridget Riley.

Messengers at the National Gallery from 17 Jan 




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