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Rex is not impressed and Philip has a confession to make

Pip and Toby struggle to negotiate childcare after Toby forgets that Pip has her innovative farming meeting today and he has to finish bottling his gin. Rex steps in and offers to look after Rosie. Later, Rex finds Toby relaxing at Rickyard and accuses him of scrounging off Pip and not taking responsibility for Rosie.

Kirsty thinks Philip is exhausted, she says that he should take things easy and he interprets this as a comment on his age. He says that his business is causing him a lot of stress at the moment but it has nothing to do with age. Kirsty tells him that he has nothing to be insecure about; if anything she’s the insecure one. She feels she is a moaner; that her projects are just to fill a hole in her life. Philip reassures her that that is nonsense and the two agree that they love each other.

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