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Clare confronts Najma about the true identity of Saira's rapist. A thriller by Ayeesha Menon set across London, Riyadh and Mumbai, starring Maya Sondhi and Aysha Kala.

As part of BBC Radio 4's Riot Girls season, a thriller by Ayeesha Menon that plays out across three locations - London, Saudi Arabia and Mumbai - exploring the struggles faced by women across the globe when it comes to sexual assault, harassment and independence.

Clare confronts Najma about the true identity of Saira's rapist.

Directed by Emma Harding

Jamila.....Maya Sondhi
Saira.....Aysha Kala
Najma.....Fatima Adoum
Majid.....Silas Carson
Zafar.....Amir El-Masry
Purab.....Ronny Jhutti
Clare.....Clare Corbett
Sharon.....Jeanette Percival
Andy.....Lewis Bray
Wheeler.....Sam Dale
Fisher.....Waleed Elgadi
Barfly.....Christopher Harper
Other parts played by Lucy Doyle, Carolyn Pickles and Tony Turner

Research Consultant.....David Rhodes, Doughty Street Chambers

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44 minutes

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