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Tales from the dark side with Professor Catherine Heymans

Episode 3 of 13

Pennie Latin embarks on a journey into the dark side of the Universe in the company of astrophysicist Professor Catherine Heymans.

Astrophysicist Professor Catherine Heymans is on a quest to understand the dark side of our Universe. Observations suggest that 95% of the Universe is made up of something invisible, something we can't see or touch called dark matter and dark energy. We only know it exists because of its impact on the things we can see and touch but beyond that we really know very little about it. So how can you study something you can't see, feel or observe through a telescope? In this fascinating conversation Catherine shares her deep rooted passion for tackling huge questions, the origins of her love of exploration and why she believes there is indeed alternative life out there but she doesn't think we'll ever get to meet it.

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