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Brian waves the white flag and Adam takes a risk

At Brookfield Ben practices his sheepdog whistle much to everyone’s annoyance. He’s keen to improve before his sheepdog training course next week. Toby’s been very busy and Pip has been doing the lion’s share of the childcare. David continues to worry about Brookfield’s feed shortage and is annoyed to be having to shell out for expensive straw.

Adam and Brian discuss growing quinoa and soya. Adam wants to buy the latest GPS technology which will mean they’ll only use the minimum synthetic fertilizer for the best possible results. Adam says he’s done the sums and since they’ve moved to their no-till system he thinks they’re under-using some of their bigger tractors. If they were to sell one tractor they’d raise the money for the new kit. Brian thinks this is a gamble but agrees that the farm won’t survive if they stand still.

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