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The Hidden Power of Moss

Sphagnum moss has been used for wound dressing, nappies, reptile bedding and now to restore precious peat lands. Ruth Sanderson hears how it can now be farmed and why moss matters.

Beadamoss in Leicestershire have an unusual product. Neil and Barbara Wright have discovered how you can farm Sphagnum Moss after years of research and their product is now helping to restore precious peat lands which will store carbon and help the UK to meet its climate targets. This incredible substance has been used to dress wounds, as nappy lining and for reptile bedding but now it's being farmed to restore the damaged habitat of the Peak District. Here it will keep carbon locked up and help slow global warming. Ruth Sanderson visits Beadmoss in Leicestershire to discover more.

Producer: Helen Lennard

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Sun 13 Jan 2019 06:35


  • Sun 13 Jan 2019 06:35