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Bacterial percussion and an ethnographic road trip

Eli Kezler’s small, specific, bacterial percussion, sampling experiments from the 1980s by Michele Mercure, and music from a road trip between Paris and Calcutta.

Anne Hilde Neset returns to the presenter chair with music from Eli Kezler, a percussionist that Oneohtrix Point Never describes as bacterial. He says “Eli’s able to parallax into very small, very acute, very specific relationships between percussive textures. It’s beyond just being a drummer—he’s a world-building percussionist.” Plus recordings of indigenous music made in 1955 on a journey overland in a milk delivery van, from France to India by Bengali radio producer Deben Bhattacharya; the voice of Michele Mercure swells from the substratum of 1980s electronic music and a forgotten favourite by Prince from his 1983 album Piano & Microphone.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell for Reduced Listening.

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