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In an increasingly noisy world, silence is becoming a rare commodity but what do we actually mean by 'silence' and how does it feel to immerse yourself in a sound free environment?

Ring tones, notifications, sirens, traffic, electronic gadgets, the noise is endless! So, in a bid to escape and find a bit of respite from our increasingly noisy world, Pennie Latin goes in search of a slice of silence. Its a journey that takes her from a world war II fuel tank hidden in the heart of the Highlands which houses the longest echo on record to an anechoic chamber where silence is absolute. In between she considers the value of silence and whether you can ever truly switch off the world, physically or mentally. Is silence a commodity worth pursuing or, at the end of the day, does the cost of finding silence outweigh the benefits? So, will Pennie find silence and what will it yield if she does?

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