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3 - The Language of the Gut

Tim Hayward and Susie Dent head back to the middle ages to track the story of our changing relationship with our gut, as told through language.

Tim Hayward journeys through the bowels of history, exploring our changing relationship with the human gut.

From medieval times on, we have artefacts that bring to life just how much our relationship to our own guts have changed. One of the most vivid ways this can be tracked is through language. In this episode, Tim is joined by lexicographer and word-lover Susie Dent to seek out a priceless illuminated manuscript. Also surviving from the middle ages are two white marble effigies that have their own gut story to tell.

With contributions from art historian Jack Hartnell.

Written and presented by Tim Hayward
Produced by Rich Ward
Series consultant: Elsa Richardson
A Somethin Else’ production for BBC Radio 4

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14 minutes