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Caledonian Pine Forest

Lindsey Chapman updates this Living World from 2002, which sees Lionel Kelleway join Roy Dennis in the Caledonian Forest, which once covered 1.5 million hectares of Scotland.

Standing next to a tree which was likely a sapling when wolves roamed freely in Scotland is a humbling experience. And so it was that Lionel Kelleway began this Living world from 2002. Joining Lionel next to a venerable 'granny tree' is renowned naturalist Roy Dennis MBE who explains that today just 1% of the original 1.5 million hectares survives. Unraveling the complexities of what happened to this huge tract of the Caledonian Forest which the Romans called 'silva caledonia' is revealed as the duo trudge across the landscape looking for ecological clues and to revel in the abundant wildlife that still thrives here, from pine marten to Scottish crossbill.

But what of the future? To bring the story up to date since this programme was first broadcast in 2002, wildlife presenter Lindsey Chapman refreshes the story for today's audience, including some ambitious plans to rewild the area once more.

Producer Andrew Dawes

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Sun 16 Dec 2018 06:35


  • Sun 16 Dec 2018 06:35

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