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It is harvest season and the focus is on pigs. We learn that they are masters in the art of deception (they tell porkies!). We also meet a rabbit with a remarkable identity crisis.

It’s harvest season. We follow a litter of piglets from birth as they grow up in the Brecon Beacons.
We test the theory that every piglet always returns to the same teat to suckle; show that pigs love mud to keep cool because they have practically no sweat glands and we show how intelligent they are with a series of puzzles. We also reveal that they are masters at the art of deception. Pigs tell porkies!
Along the way we meet a pair of Kunekune pigs raised as domestic pets in the heart of London. We visit a farm that uses llamas to guard its sheep and meet a pet rabbit with a remarkable identity crisis.

Release date:

59 minutes


Role Contributor
Director Rob Neil
Executive Producer Caroline Hawkins
Editor Julian Sykes
Composer Brollyman
Production Manager Jennie Baker