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Stalking apps, Cloned cars, Insurance chatbots

How domestic abusers use smartphone apps to spy on their partners. Plus the increase in cloned cars and the Vehicle History Checkers that don't warn buyers about them.

Victims of domestic violence are reporting a big rise in abusers spying on them using mobile phone software. Front line workers say women and children escaping violence don’t realise abusers have put tracker apps on their phones.

Figures from Transport for London suggest the number of cars being cloned has increased by 50% in one year. We hear how Vehicle History Checkers fail to alert buyers that the car they might be about to buy is stolen.

A Natwest customer who was violently assaulted and robbed of his bank card has been refunded £20,000 after the bank had refused for a year to accept he had been a victim of fraud. According to regulations, it is the responsibility of the bank to prove that the customer had been 'grossly negligent'. RBS has apologised to the customer after BBC Watchdog Live stepped in.

And an insurance company tells us it is the first in the UK to use robots known as Chatbots on Facebook Messenger to sell insurance to hard to reach Millennial customers.

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