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Is there a great divide between the arts and science?

Sir Paul Nurse and Tristram Hunt discuss the divide between the arts and science. Recorded in front of an audience at Queen Mary University and hosted by Shahidha Bari.

Geneticist Sir Paul Nurse, current director of the Francis Crick Institute, and Tristram Hunt, historian and now director of the V&A debate the impact of robots, the winners and losers in funding, whether our education system has the balance right between STEM and Arts subjects and the reveal their own arts and science hits and misses. Recorded before an audience at Queen Mary University London, the presenter is Shahidha Bari.

Nearly 60 years on from C.P. Snow's 'Two Cultures' lecture in which the chemist and novelist argued that a great divide existed between art and science, this conversation considers the relationship between the two in 2018

Producer: Craig Templeton Smith

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44 minutes


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