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Hanukkah and Christingle; Funeral costs

Sunday morning religious news and current affairs programme presented by Emily Buchanan.

This Sunday is the first day of Hanukkah - the Jewish festival of light. It is also the first Sunday in Advent on which Christingle services will be held in many Christian churches. We look at the significance of both festivals. The competition regulator has issued a report highlighting the rising costs of funerals. We discuss whether this will lead to transparency and lower funeral costs.
The Charity Commission has launched an inquiry into the Buddhist group, the Rigpa Foundation. The founder and former Spiritual Director Sogyal Rinpoche faces accusations of sexual abuse and assault. Harry Farley reports.
Continuing our series on public servants and the moral dilemmas they face, Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert talks to Sir David Normington, former permanent secretary at the Department of Education and the Home Office and first civil service commissioner.
80 years ago today the first Kinder transport arrived in Harwich bringing 196 children from a Jewish orphanage in Berlin. Rosie Wright hears from Kinder who made that journey to the UK and examines the political debates that took place to allow child immigration into Britain.
Producers: Carmel Lonergan and Harry Farley
Editor: Amanda Hancox

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