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A Parliament by Lottery

Rory Sutherland pokes a stick at received wisdom. In today’s episode, he explores whether we would be better off selecting our MPs at random from the general public

Could we fix the disconnect between the public and its politicians – by selecting our MPs by lottery?
In today’s episode, ad guru and expert on human behaviour Rory Sutherland explores how a “House Of The People”, comprised of a random cross-section of the British public – might be better at truly reflecting the considered will of the British people.
Rory is joined by the Australian political economist and expert on innovation Nicholas Gruen, - who explains how the idea dates back to the Ancient Greeks – and the MP for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Philips, an elected parliamentarian who’s keener on the idea than you might expect…

Produced by Steven Rajam for BBC Wales

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14 minutes