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Pig tail biting, sugar beet grown in Herefordshire and changing land use to slowclimate change.

Some farmers are struggling to stop their pigs from biting each other's tails... and are docking them instead. But are inspectors coming down too hard on them?

Pigs will sometimes bite each other's tails...and in the past farmers have docked them to try and limit the damage done. But for years, EU rules have meant docking can only be used as a last resort. The National Pig Association says inspectors are suddenly coming down harder on farmers who do it. Caz Graham hears from them, and asks a welfare expert what farmers should be doing.

Sugar beet used to be commonplace in Herefordshire, but after the closer of the local sugar processing plant it became a rare sight. Now, it's coming back - we find out why.

And the Committee on Climate Change says land use is going to have to change...and some farmland will have to be turned into forests.

14 minutes