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We are living in a state of polorised, political anger, where even the people who win power are ‘sore winners’. Oliver Burkeman asks if anger is the new normal for the future, or

Politics has always been angry, it touches every part of our day to day lives and political beliefs are not simply ideas to us, but part of our identities. Anger builds around big events such as elections, protests or referendums, but usually calms and dissapates in the aftermath. But today, we do not seem to reach the calm. Even those who come out on top, are now sore winners.

Oliver looks at the angry political environment we in the western world are living in today, exploring how emotion shapes the political world more than policy, if we are in part of a historical cycle of discontent, and if we are going to continue to have to accept that the future will be continually more angry, or if there’s a point where our anger will finally break.

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