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Emotions run high on Peggy's birthday and Neil is not impressed

Justin reassures Susan that Neil has no need to worry about Berrow in his absence. Hannah’s doing a good job. Justin reckons she’s blossomed with the extra responsibility while Neil’s away. He hopes Neil appreciates her efficiency. Neil, meanwhile, spots what he perceives to be an error in the pig weight figures Hannah’s submitted. Hannah sent a less than full lorry of pigs off to the abattoir. If it was him he’d have put a few more pigs in even if they weren’t quite up to weight. He hopes she’s not letting things slip. He grumbles when he discovers Justin’s been singing Hannah’s praises to Susan.

Peggy’s birthday party at the Lodge gets off to a good start. She’s delighted to have Christine home, but Christine’s not so sure. Whilst she’s grateful to Peggy for the modifications that have been made to the house, another wobble when she trips over Hilda’s litter tray frightens her, and Lilian finds her in tears. She doesn’t think she’ll ever feel safe at the Lodge with Hilda there. She protests when Peggy offers to re-home the cat. What she really wants is more time at The Laurels. Of course, agrees Peggy at once. She’ll cover the costs. Christine must stay there as long as she needs to.

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Wed 14 Nov 2018 14:00


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