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Bishop Michael Curry and Intersex Day

Bishop Michael Curry talks about the 'Power of Love'. Plus the Rev Fergus Butler-Gaille reveals some eccentric clergy behaviour and Vishvapani pays tribute to Sangharakshita.

Bishop Michael Curry became a household name when he preached at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He talks about his new book ‘The Power of Love’. In anticipation of the worldwide Intersex Day of Remembrance on the 8th November, Edward chats to Sara who was born intersex. She describes how she has been treated by church congregations. Vishvapani talks about the life of Sangharakshita (founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order) who died this week. And the Rev Fergus Butler-Gaille describes the slightly eccentric and off-beat behaviour displayed by certain members of the English clergy over the years.

Producers: Helen Lee, Harry Farley
Editor: Amanda Hancox

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44 minutes


  • Sun 4 Nov 2018 07:10

All the colours of the rainbow

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