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Lynda makes her presence felt and Pip puts up a fight

Pip’s furious to discover that Josh has bought bakery leftovers to supplement Brookfield’s animal feed. It goes against the whole ethos of their dairy herd. Josh is defensive – he saw an opportunity and took it. There wasn’t time to consult everyone. David and Ruth aren’t convinced either, but Ruth comes up with a compromise. They’ll mix some of the bakery leftovers into the feed for the Herefords, freeing up more silage for the dairy herd.

Lynda’s holds her first Canterbury Tales rehearsal in Brookfield’s freezing cold barn. David has only managed to supply one heater, and Lynda insists on keeping it beside her chair for “safety reasons”. She also makes David stay, because she needs to be able to consult someone about arrangements at Brookfield, and doesn’t want Ruth breaking character. David and Ruth have to remind her that they’ve said “no” to flaming torches near the fuel store. Jazzer and Jim are surprised Lynda’s cast Nathan, but Lynda explains that his is a silent role.

Elizabeth borrows Brookfield’s telehandler for the actors to use tomorrow at Lower Loxley. “Spookalicious Gardens” has been a success so far – Bert has been a hit in his troll costume. Ruth and David are pleased to see that Hallowe’en has finally taken Elizabeth’s mind off Freddie. Now they only have Lynda to worry about…

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Fri 2 Nov 2018 14:00


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