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James Henry on the Little Owl

Author of the Jack Frost detective prequel thrillers James Henry picks the diminutive, non-native little owl, beloved by Florence Nightingale, for his Tweet of the Day.

Author of the prequel detective Jack Frost thrillers James Henry picks the diminutive, non native little owl beloved by Florence Nightingale for his Tweet of the Day.

The diminutive little owl takes it genus name, Athene from Athena, the Olympian goddess for war and wisdom, and protector of Athens. It is from this ancient connection that Western culture derives an association of wisdom and knowledge with owls. And maybe why Florence Nightingale on a tour of Greece rescued a Little Owl chick she found at the acropolis. The owl, she named Athena was her companion for 5 years.

In addition, all this week James will be choosing five of his favourite episodes from the Tweet of the Day back catalogue, which you can also hear in the Tweet of the Week Omnibus.

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