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Johnny has cause for concern and Jazzer has some harsh words

Tom teases Jazzer about chasing women from his milk round. Jazzer counters that he has his eye on a more serious relationship. But Jazzer won’t name the lady in question for fear of jinxing it. Later, Johnny complains about being kept awake at night. He tells Jazzer, in confidence, that Tom and Hannah are sleeping together. Later, Tom happily reports to Jazzer that Natasha has finally answered his calls. Jazzer asks where this fits in with sleeping with Hannah. Jazzer can’t bear the idea that Tom’s been messing about with her. Jazzer thinks Tom must’ve known he fancied Hannah. Tom insists he didn’t, and accidentally makes things worse trying to defend himself. Tom doesn’t want to fall out, but it’s too late.

Johnny speaks to Elizabeth. She apologises for ambushing him last night. Johnny admits that Freddie is much more unhappy than he’s letting on. Elizabeth’s confident about his appeal prospects. Later, Johnny tells Pat she seems too confident. She barely listened to him – just rushed off to call a barrister “recommended” by Anna. And Lower Loxley is looking rather neglected. Pat points out that Elizabeth is having to cope with a terrible situation. But Johnny worries that there’s something more serious wrong with her. It might be time to let Lily know what’s been happening.

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Fri 26 Oct 2018 19:00


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