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Welsh Environmental Scheme, Waste-free farming, Seafood exports

A major Rewilding project has been launched in Wales, after securing £3.4 million in funding from a charity, the Summit to Sea scheme will cover 10,000 hectares of the country.

A major environmental project has been launched in Wales, after securing £3.4m in funding from a charity. The Summit to Sea scheme will create a corridor of 10,000 hectares across Wales, and the land will primarily be managed with the environment in mind. The project is backed by Rewilding Britain and the Woodland Trust. Anna finds out what farmers think of it, after first hearing how it will work from one of the people behind the scheme.

Yesterday we heard how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is encouraging farmers to take action now to farm in a more sustainable way. Anna visits one family in Norfolk which has been working for decades to achieve a sustainable and waste-free farm.

This week we're exploring how UK trade with the rest of the world could fare after Brexit. Seafood caught off the coast of Wales is regularly exported to France and Spain, could new markets be found if there is a so-called hard Brexit without a deal with Europe?

Presented by Anna Hill

Produced by Alun Beach.

14 minutes