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Kevin Keegan and Romesh Ranganathan

Kevin Keegan celebrates fifty years in football, comedian Romesh Ranganathan, listener and Olympic Archer Patrick Huston, Dr Who fan Christel Dee and Zandra Rhodes' IT tracks.

Former England football player and manager Kevin Keegan made his professional debut fifty years ago. He talks to Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles about how a nun was his first mentor, the way Bill Shankly changed his life and seizing opportunities off the pitch.

Christel Dee is a Dr Who fan - also known as a Whovian - whose life and career has been shaped by the show.

British Olympian Archer Patrick Huston got in touch to tell us about the woman who inspired him to take up the sport.

Fashion Designer Zandra Rhodes shares her Inheritance Tracks. She has chosen Boléro by Maurice Ravel The Pearl Fishers’ Duet by Georges Bizet.

Romesh Ranganathan left his teaching career to pursue a career in comedy. He talks about the pressure to support his family, staying in the town of his birth and love of Hip Hop.

Producer: Claire Bartleet
Editor: Eleanor Garland.

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Inheritance Tracks Podcast

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