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Power Shift

How power moved from west to east after the 2008 financial crisis. Ian Goldin explores the crash's dramatic effects on geopolitics.

How power moved from West to East after the 2008 financial crisis. Ian Goldin, professor of globalisation and development at Oxford University, explores how Asian nations, especially China, demonstrated resilience, and rebounded quickly from the crisis. This led to a profound loss of faith in the ability of the Western leaders to manage the global economy effectively.
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former finance minister, Nigeria
Nick Stern, former chief economist, The World Bank
Jeffrey Sachs, professor Columbia University
Kumi Naidoo, secretary general, Amnesty International
Willem Buiter, former Chief Economist, Citibank
Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator, The Financial Times
Kishore Mahbubani, professor, University of Singapore
Justin Lin, professor, Beijing University
Adam Tooze, author of 'Crashed'
Christine Lagarde, managing director, International Monetary Fund

Producer: Beth Sagar-Fenton

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Sun 7 Oct 2018 21:30


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