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Loneliness Results

Claudia Hammond reveals the results of the BBC Loneliness Experiment at an event at Wellcome Collection with philosopher Julian Baggini, musician Jazz Morley and poet Daljit Nagra.

55,000 people worldwide completed the BBC Loneliness Experiment. It is the largest survey of loneliness ever done. The results are unique in their scope and reach and were revealed first at an event in the Reading Room of Wellcome Collection.

At the live event, presented by Claudia Hammond, musician Jazz Morley and poet Daljit Nagra perform and talk about how their creativity was driven by their loneliness. Philosopher Julian Baggini challenges the idea that loneliness is always a negative experience. And Claudia discusses the results of the Wellcome supported research with Professor Christina Victor of Brunel University and Professor Pam Qualter of Manchester University.

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  • Mon 1 Oct 2018 20:00
  • Wed 3 Oct 2018 11:00

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