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Why do we procrastinate? How much of an impact can it have on our health and happiness or is it ever beneficial? And what can we do to change our ways?

"The thief of human potential” - Gillian Russell discovers why we procrastinate and asks whether we can learn to change our ways?

Antony Sammeroff describes the impact procrastination had on his life, how he’s been able to turn things around and why he’s passionate about sharing his techniques with others.

Psychologist Dr Kirsty Miller explains what’s going on in our brains when we procrastinate, why we procrastinate about some things but not others and whether the “buzz” of putting something off can ever be a good thing.

Student Learning Adviser at Edinburgh University Dr Pamela Docherty talks about the kind of strategies they’re encouraging students to put in place to help them avoid procrastinating over their work.

Dr Fuschia Sirois from Sheffield University explains why many of us procrastinate about our fitness and health and what we can do to address it.

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